HUMRE infrastructure is the result of collaboration between two well-established departments of Vilnius University – the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

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Administrative divisions of HUMRE

  1. Administrative council, which is comprised of: a) representatives from different research areas of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Philosophy; b) members of external organisations which are either users of HUMRE services or are involved in science policy; c) institutional representatives delegated to the SHARE-ERIC council. Administrative council is responsible for decision making, strategic planning and policy making of the infrastructure in order to safeguard HUMRE's future sustainability, its favorable evaluation, etc.
  2. Head of the infrastructure: is elected by the Administrative Council, affirmed by a joint decree of Deans of both the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Philosophy. The Head of infrastructure is responsible for managing the activities of HUMRE, executing decisions of the Administrative Council, policy making, decision making in RI’s daily matters, quality control, finance management (business-planning), risk management, cooperation development, etc. Head of Infrastructure is allowed to have deputies who would manage different areas of RI's activity.
  3. Scientists, researchers, PhD students, who carry out infrastructure activities and provide services.
  4. Common personnel, such as the administrator and specialists of tech. support, service and IT are responsible for the administrative part of RI's activities. The administrator is responsible for accounting, paperwork, procurement of resources, sales of products and services, administrative support, organization of projects and training activities, public relations, networking, encouraging collaboration and partnership. Technical support specialists are responsible for maintenance of research equipment, equipment-related consultations/training and other technical services for end users. IT specialists are responsible for database maintenance, development of research instruments, e-services reliability, software development, etc.

While conducting its activities, SHARE Lithuania, which is a part of HUMRE infrastructure, shall follow SHARE-ERIC Statutes which are based on Council Regulation (EC) No 723/2009 On the Community Legal Framework for a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) and are defined in the Statutes (Council Regulation of March 17th 2011 which established SHARE-ERIC, (an official publication of the EU, 18th of March 2011).

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