HUMRE activities, arranged according to the two constitutive parts of the infrastructure:

I. Multidisciplinary research of ageing and retirement with access to their data encompass these activities:

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1) Conducting research on ageing population (including data collection during waves of SHARE project in Lithuania), accumulation of data, ensuring database access;
2) Participation in developing and improving research methods, adaptation of research instruments for the Lithuanian population;
3) Providing services related to data access and analysis;
4) Increasing researchers' expertise via research-methods-related training, seminars, improved access to relevant scientific publications, supplementary training and educational material, etc.;
5) Presentation of data to both the national and international scientific community as well as members of the general public.


tyrimai labaratorijojeII. Material research resources and services include these activities:

1) Providing access to all the necessary equipment for social science and biomedical research as well as statistical data analysis software, human well-being and human functionality (physical, cognitive and social) evaluation instruments.
2) Providing research and technical services involving HUMRE's own equipment, instruments and personnel;
3) Increasing the expertise of researchers regarding their usage of bio-psycho-physiological research equipment and statistical analysis software, their mastery of research methods (via training sessions, seminars, preparation of instructional material);
4) An internship program designed to provide excellent working conditions for researchers who are doing research in the most relevant research areas of human well-being and development.

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